• The Four Lows: Many Japanese women’s new image of the ideal man

    When the subject of how men can attract women in Japan comes up, there are some pretty dubious sources of advice out there. Rather than apply twisted logic to gain twisted insights on how to pull women closer to them, guys have a better chance of success by putting their efforts into becoming the kind of people women are drawn […]

  • Tokyo train company’s apology for 20-second-early departure

    Taking the time to sincerely think about the question “Who cares?” after a minor screw-up is part of what makes life in Japan great. Japanese trains are awesome for a number of reasons, not the least of which is how amazingly punctual they are. But on Tuesday, a train on the Tokyo-area Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company’s Tsukuba Express line […]

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  • The Mystery of Saturn’s F Ring Cracked by Japanese Scientists

    What F ring? Many unfamiliar with Saturn’s peculiarities would probably be asking such a question. What is this so-called F Ring and why was it called that way? And what’s the fuss about scientists recently “cracking” Saturn’s F Ring? The F Ring The F Ring is the outermost discrete ring of the famed ringed planet. It […]

  • Who is This Beautiful Japanese Girl ‘Saya’ ? She Is Not What You Think

    Image credit: The beautiful “Saya” has taken the Internet by storm and it’s not because she has done some great feat. It’s simply because of her existence. Dressed in a school uniform and with eyebrow-covering bangs, Saya looks like the ideal Japanese schoolgirl beauty. However, there’s something about her that’s been freaking people out. Saya Is Not […]

  • The Beautiful Way Of Japanese People Thinks That Can Change Your World (10+ Life Conditions)

    1. Ganbatte Ganbatte is a common phrase in Japanese that means “do your best!” Japan has great respect for effort and pushing oneself. This can be seen in the way that people work or in Japan’s passion for physical challenges such as carryingmikoshi at festivals that can weigh several tons. 2. Shoganai Shoganai is an important idea in Japan that can […]


    As the sleek shinkansen bullet train glided noiselessly into the station, I watched a strange ritual begin. During the brief stop, the conductor in the last carriage began talking to himself. He proceeded to perform a series of tasks, commenting aloud on each one and vigorously gesticulating at various bits of the train all the […]

  • What Do You Get from Japan | 4 Reasons It is Good To Study in Japan

    I am confident to say that studying in Japan was not a waste, (I don’t like to value life by using money as a standard but it is a very convenient unit to measure “conventional” lifestyle) it was a big investment of  careers and life.   Here I would like to share what Japan has taught me, […]

  • Lounge Indoors As A Japanese Schoolgirl With Winter Edition Sailor Uniform Pajamas

    Japanese online retailer Bibilab tends to gravitate towards the more adventurous side of pajamas and bedding. Now they are returning with a seasonal update of one of their most popular items for the Winter and Autumn, with classic Japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform pajama, available in different styles. Much like their previous entry in the series, the new edition of the Sera Core (short […]

  • Kimono-Inspired Underwear Is The Perfect Addition To Your Spring Closet

    Japan is never lacking in creative, unique lingerie — from cats to Evangelion, there’s always inspiration for designers out there looking to change things up. But oftentimes we forget to go back to our roots, which is exactly what Japanese lingerie site FUNTY decided to do earlier this year with their kimono-inspired underwear. Although the line of undergarments has since […]