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  • Photographer Spent 4 Weeks In Japan and This is what She Captured

    “Shinjuku.. Shinjuku..” anyone who’s been to Japan knows what I’m talking about and for those of you that don’t, these are the words you hear just before arriving at one of the busiest train stations in the world. Brightly lit skyscrapers, Pokemon and sushi are the first thing that come to mind when you hear […]

  • Five-nation crackdown hits half of Japanese-language schools

    New rules requiring greater scrutiny of applicants from five countries have landed Japanese-language schools with that little bit more paperwork. In February, the Immigration Bureau announced tightened rules starting in July for Japanese-language schools admitting students from Vietnam, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The rules, which apply to schools that in 2015 had more […]

  • See Your Favorite Sailor Moon Characters As Samurais, Ninjas, And Demon Hunters!

    The mini collection of “Samurai Moon” illustrations was created by the Chili Ferrets, two artists currently based in Canada who go by the name of Ash and Vice. When they aren’t creating their masterpieces, they can be found participating in events — most recently, Tsukino-Con 2016, a non-profit Anime convention held at the University of Victoria […]

  • This Japanese ultimate wagyu beef bento costs almost US$3,000 (Photo feature)

    Whether you’re traveling around the country from the comfort of the bullet train or simply catching a lunch break, Japanese bento boxes provide some very delicious variety with your meal. Mom-and-pop bento shops offer up home-styled Japanese lunches on the cheap, school-kids can look forward to colorful character bento made by their parents, and those willing […]

  • 14 ways to say “I or Me ” in Japanese

    Long ago, when the majority of the Japanese vocabulary I knew came from reverse engineering the English subtitles on anime tapes, I was patting myself on the back for having figured out that “watashi” means “I.” So imagine my shock and disappointment when I came across a different scene showing a character so overcome with emotion he’d […]

  • Cute Japanese Hungry Hamster Shirt Turns Your Bust Into Bulging Hamster Cheeks

    Designers claim shirt was “born of a desire to show the appeal of hamsters,” but the real motivation seems to lie elsewhere. Japan’s Mocolle is known for high-concept, unique apparel. With its name a mashup of “mousou” (“delusion” of “fantasy”) and “collection,” Mocolle specializes in fanciful fashion crossovers, such as its Lolita maternity wear and Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit. So it’s a little […]