• These Are The 10 Actresses With Perfect Bodies According To Japanese Men

    We all want the perfect body, so many of us end up taking an annual gym membership in the hope of achieving that perfect figure. I can’t say we all succeeded in doing that. These women definitely have and they have the perfect body as well as killing looks. They are the perfect combination of cuteness […]

  • No, It`s Not a Roller Coaster! It’s a Bridge in Japan

    If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to ride a roller coaster sitting in your own car, then the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan might be your chance. Although the bridge doesn’t have any spins or loops, it can make even the most confident drivers fearful of driving on it. We  would like to share some of the best photos of this scream-worthy place. Get ready to feel the […]

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  • 12 Crazy Things Possible Only in Japan

    There are some things in Japan that are really shocking. Before you go to Japan, make sure that you are not overweight, that you carry your trash with you, and remember that only some people are allowed to swim in pools. we made a list of the most unusual things that there are in Japan. At the end of the article, there is a bonus about the […]

  • Top 5 most offensive Japanese swear words

    We’re going beyond baka today. (Obviously, this is not safe for work due to language.) I don’t know where the rumor got started that Japanese doesn’t have swear words, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Japanese has a rich vocabulary of insulting words, just like any other language, ready to be used with […]

  • Japanese idol singer reveals three simple phrases men need to use to be popular with women

    Former AKB48 member also advises against telling a woman “You’ve sure gotten fat recently.” Earlier this year, Japanese vocalist Minami Takahashi retired (or “graduated,” to use the industry parlance) from idol megagroup AKB48. The 25-year-old Takahashi still remains a well-known and widely popular figure in the Japanese entertainment world, though, and last weekend she made […]

  • Chinese university gets hot new Japanese teacher; internet goes crazy

    Ask any group of students why they like a particular class and you’ll probably get a range of sincere-sounding answers professing love of learning and enthusiasm for the subject matter. While those things may well be true, in real life our reasons for making even the most crucial of life decisions aren’t always particularly noble […]

  • Three tricky ways the Japanese entertainment industry keeps idol singers from dating

    It’s widely known in Japan that idol singers are often contractually prohibited from engaging in romantic relationships. The reasoning goes that if word gets out that an idol singer has a boyfriend, her fans will feel betrayed that she isn’t solely devoted to her role as a musician and entertainer, and thus stop buying her […]

  • Swimsuit idols that you can date and marry

    Pop idols exist in this strange space between reality and fantasy. While they are living, breathing individuals, they are set on a pedestal and rarely get to interact with people one on one. While groups like AKB48 may be tied to a certain location to serve as a symbol of pride for one area’s people, […]

  • 15+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

    If you’ve ever visited Japan then you’ll know how amazing it is. And if you’ve never been before then what are you waiting for?! Check out this list . In it you’ll find some of the very best sights that this fascinating country has to offer. Some of them are familiar tourist spots. Others are […]