• Japanese Pottery Master Shows Off The Finesse That Goes Into His Beautiful Crafts

      It’s always fascinating to watch an artist at work, especially when their craft is something we ordinarily wouldn’t see in-process. You can practically see the gears in their minds shifting while they add all the tiny, perfect details to their design. For example, artist Thijme Termaat’s panoramic painting is exhilarating to behold on its […]

  • Japanese High School Swim Team Performs Hilarious Routine To ‘Frozen’ Tune

      With the summer heat in full swing, many of us probably find ourselves daydreaming about taking a dip in a pool. Unfortunately, we aren’t kids anymore and responsibilities tend to get in the way of splashing around with our friends. That’s why it helps to at least live vicariously through those who are lucky […]

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  • Parents In Japan Place A Peach Over Their Baby’s Bum

    This aww-inspiring story comes to us from our friends at AOL.com. If you have a little baby that’s just cute as a little peach, this might just be the perfect trend for you to get in on. Parents in Japan seem to have started a new craze that’s too cute to ignore. They’re taking photos […]

  • Young Soldier Surprises His Fiancée After A Year Serving In Japan

      There are so many things in the world to be thankful for, but one that we can all agree on is our safety, thanks to the men and women who serve our country. Without all of these men and women of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes, we would not be alive and well […]

  • Japanese Men Strap On 16-Pound Vests To Finally Understand Struggles Of Pregnancy

      Pregnant women put up with a lot of things that men and women who have never been pregnant can’t possibly understand. To sympathize with pregnant women as well as working and stay-at-home moms, three Japanese governors have donned “pregnancy suits” to get a feel for what it is like to be pregnant. While wearing […]

  • Japanese Princess Postpones Wedding To Her Commoner Fiancé Due To ‘Immaturity’

      In May 2017, Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino announced her engagement to commoner Kei Komuro, setting their wedding date for November 2018. Now, she’s in the global spotlight once again for a very unexpected statement she made on February 6, 2018. According to CNN, Princess Mako and her fiancé “have postponed their highly anticipated […]

  • Leaks From The Live-Action Teen Titans Show Have Fans PISSED

    For aging nerds it might be hard to grasp just how huge the original “Teen Titans” cartoon has impacted the generation below them. Between the anime-style comedy (which was a BOLD stylistic choice at the time) along with the melodramatic plot arcs that really stuck with its viewers for years afterwards. It sort of holds […]