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Japanese company has developed a new type of toilet that called Flowsky which will act as a doctor at your home with technology which can measure your urine indicates that you are at risk for health.

Toilet equipped with technology to measure health through urination is made by the original equipment toilet manufacturer of the world’s largest named Toto, who profess to know this made in ME-BYO press conference of Yokohama, Japan. Flowsky’s final name of the new toilets will be equipped with sensors to measure the levels of diabetes it will immediately inform about health. The new technology is expected to have significant benefits for Japan’s aging population. Japan has created another new program to know the feelings and hearts of the people through a mobile application called Mind Monitoring Systems, or for short, called Mimosys functional to measure voice survey. The company produces both technologies, said that this is a new step to help prevent the disease to the older citizens before they fall pain, and it is seen as the best way to protect Japan’s aging population rates.

Source: dailymail

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