Leaks From The Live-Action Teen Titans Show Have Fans PISSED

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For aging nerds it might be hard to grasp just how huge the original “Teen Titans” cartoon has impacted the generation below them. Between the anime-style comedy (which was a BOLD stylistic choice at the time) along with the melodramatic plot arcs that really stuck with its viewers for years afterwards. It sort of holds the same place in the hearts of fans the same way “The Simpsons” and “Spongebob Squarepants” does, with the familial bond of nonstop childhood reruns leading to lengthy bouts of “ew it’s still going?” shame when revisited (I’m counting Teen Titans, GO and you can’t stop me).

But many fans didn’t really register the news last summer when DC revealed that a live-action version of the team is going to be produced for a (STILL) unnamed direct-to-digital service. So when these photos leaked of the cast in-between shots the news was a double whammy.

It’s actually happening…


and it doesn’t look like how you imagined it.

Here’s 10 reactions that gets to the heart of the matter:




























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