10 Best Rock And Metal Bands from Japan

Many people don’t focus on the rock and metal bands from Japan but trust me when it comes to great rock and metal scenes around the globe, you should never overlook the music coming out from Japan. Their music has been hugely influential and while we have got to one of Japan’s rising artists, Esprit D’Air for a closer look at Japanese bands.

“My name is David and the metal scene has been always unique due to it has a sound and message that resonates with those that are not in the mainstream crowd. However, in this list below, I mixed old bands and new ones from different decades. Though it was very challenging to pick just 10 bands with many just narrowly missing the list”.

The Esprit D’Air is releasing a new song every six weeks this year. And their most popular song, “Leviathan,” premiered in December 2020. Also, Esprit D’Air also curates a Fan Picks Playlist every month with songs chosen by their fans. For more details about the Esprit D’Air, you can follow via a website and social media pages. Now let see the 10 best rock and metal bands from Japan.


X Japan

Findings show that X Japan are one of the most legendary bands from Japan. Fast, speed metal that is really anthemic, and yet melodically awesome at the same time. How i wish i got to see them in the 90s too with Hide and Taiji.


Boris is also one of the Japan’s loudest bands live. And Boris is one of those bands whereby you can not only hear them, but rather feel them live with the vibrations that go straight to your chest.Their energy onstage is also part of what i love most. And they do keep things interesting and fun by experimenting with different sounds from down metal to psychedelic noise and stoner rock.

Dead End

The Dead End bands were one of the earliest pioneers of visual kei movement. Dead End music is like a mix of hard rock, post-punk, and heavy metal at the same time.Singer Morrie also inspired Ryuichi (Luna Sea), and Hyde from his voice and visual appearance. And i also covered their song “Serafine” with Esprit D’Air.


Lovebites are unique with the Thrashy and epic power metal with Dragonforce speed. I do love what they are displaying and the guitar solos by Midori and Miyako are also incredible!


Hyde voice was aesthetic and his stage presence were some things which i truly admired about him. I love their L’Arc~en~Ciel albums, and debut album Dune, and pretty good to see him live in both Vamps and L’Arc~en~Ciel and looking forward to more his future work as a solo artist.


It was recording that Nemophila are new band that is causing storms quickly in recent months. Nemophila band were first discovered on YouTube from drummer Tamu’s cover of “Kurenai” by X Japan!Then guitarist Saki is part of a project called Amahiru with Frederic Leclercq (bassist of Kreator), as well and Mary’s Blood. Another new album OIRAN is out this month.


Electronicore geniuses with inconceivable energy from Kenta Koie’s amazing shouting vocals to Tatsuya’s hard-hitting drumming. It is music you can both mosh and dance to at the same time.At the point when I previously heard Monolith, I cherished it and needed to make a sound that imbued synthesizers and metal in my very own portion music as well.

Luna Sea

The Luna sea band also categorized as one of the most influential rock in the visual kei movement. All the teams loved various styles of music so they had a flexible approach to their songwriting, bring together different rock styles in gothic rock, punk and pop.


Babymetal music is spectacular and some of their songs produced by Yuyoyuppe, is a producer i really look up to and also influenced by in my songwriting and composition.Babymetal’s “Kami Band” part Takayoshi Ohmura is additionally one of my guitar symbols, and I have been following him for a long time.

Dir En Grey

One of the visual kei bands that standout to us most is Dir En Grey. Incase you love music that is dark and aggressive, then Dir En Grey is for you.I feel that a great deal of visual kei groups that arose in the last part of the ’90s and ’00s consistently attempted to duplicate one another, yet Dir En Gray are one of only a handful not many that I felt consistently pushed limits to be their remarkable selves and have assembled their own universe around their music and are not hesitant to test.

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