13 Amazing things that Japan does better than any other country

Japan is a beautiful country that has a rich culture with a very ancient heritage.

Its technological advancements are nothing to scoff at either. For this reason, Japanese life can be a little different and unusual than rest of the world. Many examples make it feel like Japan is on a whole new level of creativity. Here we present you with 13 various examples that are unlikely to be found anywhere else.

1. Movie theaters have Kotatsu tables

Image Source: Timeout.jp

Kotatsu is traditional Japanese furniture with a blanket and a heater that helps to keep you warm. Everyone from Japan loves this so much that even movie theaters decided to have these. A newly opened movie theater in the city of Tokorozawa has a range of comfortable bed-like seats with cushions and heating elements with Kotatsu.

2. You’ll get what you ordered

While buying stuff online or getting food by looking at the picture on the menu, you don’t always get what it’s advertised as. But in Japan, you do get the exact food you ordered. It will look exactly like it’s advertised since false advertisements are looked down upon in Japan.

3. Self-docking Slippers

Image : India.com

You might have heard of the robot vacuums that return to their stations. Nissan came up with a slipper variant, and a hotel in Japan has started offering them to guests. Each slipper has two wheels, a motor, and a few sensors so it will return to its original position if its’s not being used.

4. Driver’s Strike that doesn’t make you late

Image: japantoday

If you’re anywhere in the world, then a bus drivers’ strike would mean that they would stop driving the busses. However, in Japan, that isn’t the case. In Okayama city, bus drivers went on strike, but the busses were still running the daily route. Since the drivers had problems with the company rather than the customers, they decided to drive the bus without ticketing the passengers. They can get back at their company by not making them any money, but passengers can use the service without any charge.

5. Cheap Use-and-Throw Umbrellas

The weather in Japan could be pretty unpredictable. Rain could last on for days, and it comes out of nowhere. Typhoons are also frequent in Japan. Hence, sure cheap disposable umbrellas are available almost everywhere in Japan and is famous among residents. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find a pile of them in trash cans after a downpour in trash bins in front of metro stations.

6. Guards for Out of service Escalator

In a recent scene, A shopping mall in Sapporo had one of its escalators stop working. The authorities jumped to action right away and put up not working signs along with a sign for an apology. In addition, to inform and guide people around the broken escalator, a guard was there.

7. Cat Headbands

Image: Boredpanda

There’s a reason why things from Japan always seem to integrate cats. Residents are in love with this creature! Hence, they’ve come up with headbands that looks like a cat is resting on your head.

8. People wait in lines for Trains

Image: Pikabu

Almost every part of the world has unorganized entry and exit from trains. No-one waits for others to get in first. However, in Japan, people wait patiently in lines for their train to arrive. But, Japan’s trains are notorious for being crowded during office hours, so you can forget about having personal space.

9. Sakura Made from LEGOs

Japan loves LEGOs. There are plenty of LEGO structures outside of different LEGO stores in Japan, but recently The LEGOLAND in Japan has come up with an almost complete size replica of the famous Sakura tree. Its made up of 800,000 tiny LEGO pieces.

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10. Plastic Food Samples used for display

If you don’t know what a food looks like and are in doubt whether to visit the restaurant or not, then restaurants in Japan have got you covered. There are exact plastic replicas of food put on display so that the customers can see different menu items. Not only it’s also a genius marketing plan as it doesn’t spoil but also attracts people passing by.

11. Care about your rivals in tough times

Kusatsu Resort had suffered damage in a severe landslide and flood. Ordinarily rival resorts would use this oppurtunity to earn more, yet was not the case here. Beppu Thermal Resort, which was the main competitor of Kusatsu, had a board that read, “Instead of Beppu, you should go to Kusatsu now.” Beppu says competition is only fair if both are competing on the same level.

12. Items listed with two prices

For any other place in the world, the price of an item means that it includes its sales tax. However, it is common in Japan to calculate them separately, so it might cost more even though it is listed for another price.

13. Spring in Japan

Image: Bookmundi

You won’t enjoy Sakura blossoms in any other country like you would in Japan. It’s like a whole festival where people go out with their loved ones, have a picnic and enjoy themselves. Every standard merchandise you buy will have its cherry blossom variant.

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