15 Creative life-style ideas that Japan came up with!


When you are in Japan, you won’t stop being amazed by crazy inventions and ideas that you could never have thought existed! Japan is a very unique place with a lot of interesting people and with such advanced technical facilities, these great minds have been able to come up with pretty interesting ideas!

Here we try to present you with 15 amazing designs that are quite questionable but nonetheless work like they’re intended to!

1. Firetruck within a Firetruck for all the nifty corners!

2. Wrap-around Sole Footwear!

3. Warm water is sprayed on Sidewalks to keep them from freezing

4. Phone cases with Fake Food

5. A Gorilla Cushion to snuggle with

6. Might as well read when you’re sitting for a while

7. Noone would steal a bike with fake bird poop right?

Image: Makuake

8. Your friendly neighborhood Robot Cat  

Image: Qoobo Shop

9. “Transparent” public washroom that goes “Opaque” when occupied

10. For the sleepyheads who love falling asleep while studying

11. Japan’s been in the robot game since the ’80s

12. Let’s build the road into the building! 

13. Giving kids their own play-space 

Image: Makuake

14. Delivering goods with style and ease

15. Need more parking space? Just lift your vehicle 

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