18 Unique Things in Japan that seem to be either Creative or Funny or Wild or Genius! Anything but not boring.

Japan as a country is extremely technologically advanced with a maximum number of people highly educated. You can see the lifestyle of the people of Japan and their culture influencing everything around them. Thus as an outsider, you can experience their values and traditions. It is also known for its customer service, trust factor, and a variety of unique food available. When in Japan, we can vouch that you will not feel like an outsider or indifferent.

1. They are quite thoughtful of their people. Like in Tokyo, it’s extremely cold with a temperature of 10℃. You will see that a local outlet or shop or mall will have gas heaters installed in case they have an open area or a playground near to it. This helps keep the adults with the children warm, while their children are busy playing in the open area or playground.

2. Have you ever tried bread made with the bamboo roll? You can only find it in Tokyo. They look burnt but actually, they are fresh pieces of soft bread, ready to eat!

3. When children are on a tour, they can keep their belongings in the waiting room of the railway station. It remains safe there.

4. You should watch people boarding a train in Japan. They have lines marked on the floor which indicates where exactly the doors of the train will open. People stand in a line and then comfortably they board the train. There is no pushing, no hurry.

5. You should not miss watching the pedestrian crossing at any time of the day.

6. For the convenience of people, they have vending machines that sell vegetables, fruits, and even beer.

7. When there is construction going on, big building sites in cities are given the responsibility to monitor the noise level at all times. This ensures that people living near the construction site do not face any problems due to the noise levels.

8. Parents who don’t have a car, need not worry! They have bikes that one parent can use for travelling along with their two children. One child sits in the backseat while the other sits near the steering wheel.

9. If you are carrying a huge item, then Japan provides you with a bag with a special handle for your convenience. That’s indeed so lovely and thoughtful!


10.You will often see a green line on the road, this line depicts a school zone and children walk on this line only when going to school.

11.The taxis in Japan have white seat covers!

12. Travelling in a plane or jet from Japan. Don’t be surprised if you see the airport crew bow and wave at you as you go.

13.You can go on a romantic date with your loved one and also play with cats at the same time! They even provide you with a special cat ice cream to feed the cat. Isn’t it crazy and unique?

14.When you go to a restaurant, don’t worry about where to keep your belongings. They give you a basket next to your table to keep it.

15.I hope you are good at reading maps. I say this because once per season, the stores in Japan change the placement of their goods in the store and then attach a floor map on their carts to guide you through.

16. 7/11 in Japan also sells shirts for men and dresses for woman. How lovely!

17.There are people in Japan who sleep on in the subway. While sleeping they keep their phones next to them and not in their pockets. This is because it is so safe in Japan.

18. Trust is a key factor that drives the ticket gates at stations.

Well, all this is possible only in Japan. Have you ever heard of another country doing such things? Would you like to visit Japan?

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