4 Crazy Awesome Things To Do in Japan This year !!

The thing that compels many travellers towards Japan is the fact it is so different to anywhere else on the planet! From ancient culture and history, to ground-breaking modern technology, it truly is a unique travel experience.

If you are looking for something a bit kooky, there’s almost no place better than Japan. See the below proof, as we showcase the top 8 crazy awesome things to do in Japan.

1. Robot Restaurant

Let’s cut straight to the chase – the Robot Restaurant is probably one of the weirdest experiences in the world! Imagine 10-foot tall robots, sexy queens of the galaxy, explosions, space gorillas, 40-foot-long robotic snakes, and a ridiculous amount of laser beams! Take all that and multiply it by 100! Yes, it is the craziest bar/restaurant you’ll ever visit, but it’s also very impressive. Word is they spend millions on the production, so tickets admittedly don’t come cheap.

Like most shows, prices vary depending on days and times, but you’ll usually be looking to pay between £40 and £70. It may sound pricey, but this bizarre experience is a lot of fun and something that you’ll never forget.

2. Maid Café

Just when you thought things are getting too weird, step it up with a visit to a Maid Café. “What is a Maid café?!” I hear you ask… Well, to put it simply, they are cosplay themed restaurants where you are served by Japanese waitresses dressed as French maids. But don’t worry, it’s a lot more innocent than it sounds!

You’ll be welcomed inside by cute hostesses with big smiles (and usually a pair of your very own bunny ears) and sat down to enjoy a coffee or funky food whilst the waitresses perform insanely energetic and fast-paced J-pop songs. Join in, sing-long, embrace the craziness and you’ll have a great time! Food is also often presented in insanely cute designs (see bunny ice cream below) ready made for Instagram! If it it sounds like fun to you, head to Akihabara, Tokyo’s buzzing electronics district, there you’ll find the best Maid Cafés in Japan.

3. Takeshita Street

Even the name is pure gold! This insanely busy shopping street in Tokyo is full of fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Takeshita Street is the place to be for all things trendy, weird and wonderful, with quirky accessorises, crazy boots and kitten t-shirts galore!

It really does have next level style and swag, so dress how you like, there’s absolutely no judgement here.

Even if fashion isn’t your thing, just admire the unique styles and roll with it. It’s one of those streets you need to take a stroll down just to embrace the buzzing atmosphere and witness the madness!

4. Animal Cafés

Animal cafés are a speciality of Tokyo.

You can sit at a traditional coffee shop and enjoy a nice Japanese comic book with the added bonus of an owl on your shoulder, a few kittens sleeping on your lap, a hedgehog in your hand, or a snake around your neck! Animal lovers will never want to go to a regular cafe again after visiting these cute hangouts.

If you want to know more, check out our backpacker guide which features a review on the interesting Owl cafe! You’re guaranteed to have a ‘hoot!’

Dont miss Japan this year ! your Joy will be really unlimitted !!!

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