4-year old wows Twitter with perfect pixel portrayals of Pretty Cure anime magical girls

The future looks bright for this budding artist, who made over 50 of the core PreCure cast out of acrylic beads.

Perler Beads, also known as “Hama Beads” or “Iron Beads,” are colorful tiny chunks of plastic that can be arranged into shapes and partially melted, whether by an iron or an oven, so that they bond together and keep their form.

▼ This video is a great showcase of all the craft that goes into your average Perler piece.
The cute, chunky colored beads make any craft into an adorable pixel-style piece, and as the beads themselves are relatively cheap they’re a great option for kids to play around with, albeit with strict supervision (those beads are very small!).

Enter Japanese Twitter user @Quino’s niece, a four-year-old with an extreme love of children’s magical girl anime Pretty Cure.

▼ “My niece (four years old) made PreCure with craft beads. They’re masterpieces.”

Each Pretty Cure (also known as PreCure) season has its own cast of sparkly, multi-colored heroines to save the day and nearly every one of them is included here. The heroines from original series Futari wa PreCure and its sequel Max Heart are at the top left, accompanied by the follow-up Splash Star. Beneath that row are the Yes! PreCure 5 team, and then the Cure warriors from Fresh are underneath them.

In rapid succession come rows of Suite, Heartcatch and Smile PreCures, with movie-only Cure Echo joining the ranks for the latter. Doki Doki finishes off the left side. The right hand column starts off with the Happiness Charge cast, then Go! Princess, then Maho Girls (with their own movie-only Cure) and Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode after that. Naturally the current series, Hugtto, gets a little more love than the rest: not only are the Cure girls rendered in beads, but so is their adult friend Harry and the baby mascot Hug-tan.

Whether a fan of the franchise or not, the artistic skill required – especially from someone so young – is nothing to sniff at. Users had lots to say about this crafty line-up:

“Amazing! You can tell who everyone is with just a glance! How incredible that a four-year-old could make something like this!”
“She even included Cure Echo and Cure Mofurun. You can really feel her love for the series.”
“I can’t believe she even made the different types of pigtails distinct. Woah.”
“She’s one to watch out for in the future.”
“Where’s Cure Gorilla? Seriously though, this is awesome.”

The Hugtto cast is currently one short, as @Quino’s niece hasn’t had time to make the recently debuted boy princess Cure Infini yet. But with this amazing craftwork already under her belt, the sky is truly the limit!

Source: Twitter/@Quino via Netlab
Featured image: Twitter/@Quino

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