400-Year-Old Bonsai Tree that survived World War II

We have been stuck inside our homes for almost two years, and we can’t wait to get over this situation. However, this bonsai tree has lived through an eternity (396 years) and is still healthy to his day.

Image by Sage Ross, via Wikimedia Commons

The gorgeous bonsai tree, referred to as the Yamaki Pine Bonsai, began its journey around the globe in 1625. The Yamaki family was the first to train the tree. They worked patiently, one generation after the other, to make the tree the magnificent little thing that it is today.

Throughout its lifetime, there’s no doubt that it has seen tens and hundreds of ups and downs, but the incident of August 6, 1945, must be the worst of them all. US blasted Hiroshima with the atomic bomb, and it was only 2 miles away from the Yamaki family residence. Fortunately, no one in the family was seriously injured, and the tree was safe. Mainly thanks to the walls that surround the Yamaki’s Bonsai Garden.

In a remarkable act of forgiveness, three decades later, the Yamaki family gave the Bonsai and 52 other beloved trees to the United States during the 1976 bicentennial celebrations. They never spoke out about the tree’s traumas.

Only in 2001, when a younger generation of Yamaki visited Washington, the caretakers at United States National Arboretum learned the whole story about the tree’s resilience. It went through everything that humanity threw at it. It kept its beauty intact. You can surely do the same for less complicated situations you face in your lifetime.

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