47-Year-Old Japanese Man Living The Ultimate Weeb Dream After Marrying His Favorite Idol

The gap of 27 years hasn’t stopped one former idol from getting married to her more senior admirer in Japan.

Yuki Tomoe, a former idol, met Mitsuo when Tomoe was just 17, and he was 44 during an idol concert.

It was in 2020, and Tomoe had made her debut as a brand new singer in an idol group from Osaka. Before that, Tomoe was merely a replacement member.

Mitsuo, an avid supporter of the then group members, had become a massive fan of Tomoe, as reported by Sina.

“The moment I saw her, It was like as if I was gazing at a sparkling stone,” said Mitsuo.

He admitted to being stunned by her appearance:

“Even though she was starting out and not very well-known, her performances were spectacular and adorable. So I decided to back her.”

Although he was in Oita, He would make the trip to Osaka every week to watch her show and not miss live online events. Tomoe was the first of the pair to reach out to the other.

Mitsuo would always show up on time for their show and would always be in front of the crowd, so she started noticing Mitsuo.

“I believe that he is unique from the other fans. I can confide in him and discuss the issues that I would never share with anyone else.

There was a time when he didn’t show up at our show. I was a bit puzzled because he always showed up at the concert, so I began looking for him on stage. In the absence of him, it was a feeling of being empty. At that point, I realized I had developed some feelings for him.”

Tomoe took the lead and finally revealed her feelings to Mitsuo.

Mitsuo claimed he didn’t think that such a day would come.

“After all, I’m a fan. If an idol claims to like you, perhaps they only see you as their fan. I was shocked when she told me she liked me as an individual… Then I said, “Let’s begin dating!”

Not long after this, Tomoe graduated from the idol group. We met Tomoe’s parents after having a relationship for one week.
Due to their age differences, those who knew they were a couple were not fans of their relationship.

Mitsuo’s colleagues and friends were jealous and worried about them and advised Mitsuo that he may be scammed. Their relationship “was impossible to believe” because Tomoe was “so cute and young.”

One week after starting the relationship, Mitsuo thought it was better to visit Tomoe’s parents.

Mommy Tomoe, as well as Mitsuo, are both 47 years old.

When they first met, she was anxious and asked, “Do you guys have plans to wed?”

Unprepared for this, Mitsuo got nervous. He claimed they had only been together for a week and could not contemplate marriage.

Tomoe’s mother later inquired: “What? Two of you are still in love even though you’ve no plans to wed?”

Disappointed, Mitsuo could only reply, “Is it okay [if we are married? Do you think it’s okay?”

To earn the trust of Tomoe’s parents, Mitsuo sent them an assurance letter that included a couple of promises, as per Sina.
One of the promises was that her parents would always be informed whenever they went on dates to ensure her safety.

Mitsuo eventually prevailed over Tomoe’s parents.

Before they married, Mitsuo’s face was covered with shades in Tomoe’s posts on social media. The groom’s face became public when the couple was married in April of this year.

Since Tomoe was based in Osaka, Mitsuo used to travel 5 hours by train to her concert and did the same while they were in a relationship.

Tomoe has since relocated to Oita city. The two are currently enjoying their honeymoon.

The couple regularly posts to their Facebook and Twitter profiles on their relationships. Their TikTok account has more than 300,000 followers.

Since Mitsuo and Tomoe got together just because of the idol group, Tomoe dresses up as an idol every once in a while and performs in their bedroom while Mitsuo cheers for her with a glowstick like in the old days.

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Source: Singapore

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