Stunning Complex of Enryaku-Ji and Mount Hiei, Kyoto’s most famous and second-tallest mountain

Hieizan Enryaku-ji

Mount Hiei, Kyoto’s most famous and second-tallest mountain, has at its summit the stunning complex of Enryaku-ji. Sprawled across the mountain, there are too many shrines and temples along the way to stop at them all.

The highest mountain of the region around upper Kyoto is famous for hiking, but even more for the temple that it nests, Enryakuji. On the way to the temple don’t forget to visit the beautiful garden museum. Japanese gardens are common in Kyoto, especially close to the temples and castles. In contrast to the conventional style, this garden is actually French style, and as per my opinion one of the most beautiful sites in Kyoto.

The walk through the cedars is a truly stimulating hiking experience, and the structures at the top are some of the most architecturally rewarding that I’ve seen, giving you a humbling sense of the ingenuity of ancient Japan.

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