9 Reasons We Wanted To Be At The Tokyo Game Show!

9 Reasons We Wanted To Be At The Tokyo Game Show!

Screw fashion shows, we’re much more bummed about not being at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show!

From gravure to strange sex toys, Japan has given us a long list of reasons to relocate to their shores. Today we add another one: Tokyo Game Show 2014.

The annual game convention, held from September 19 to 21 in Chiba Prefecture, is the Asian E3, and a true gamer’s paradise. From new trailers of much-awaited games to standard Japanese weirdness, we could spend days getting lost in its offerings. Unfortunately, all the “getting lost” we did was on the Internet where we scoured our go-to game sites, Kotaku and IGN, for updates.

Here are some of the best we found:

1) This OneeChanBara booth

For obvious reasons, this year’s Strangest Booth Award goes to action title, OneeChanBara Z2: Chaos, coming in October for the PS4. Lauded for combining Devil May Cry-like gameplay and cleavage-heavy heroines, the game isn’t shy about its carnal offerings—as its booth, which required gamers to literally dive into boobs, suggest.

2) Master Buten cosplay!

Like many geek conventions, the cosplayers came in droves, but this one was the funkiest of all:

Don’t blast us away with your Kamehameha, turtle master!

3) Sony’s VR headset, the Morpheus, lets us share the digital stage with digitized anime girls!

We’ve already tried out the virtual reality device Oculus Rift. At TGS 2014, Sony demoed theirs—dubbed Morpheus—and let people dive into an action sequence from the game AKB0048 x Aquarion Multi-dimensional Special Live.

Among other features, the game stars anime versions of idol group AKB48, which is the closest we’ll probably get to meeting those cuties.

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