World Most Top 10 Beautiful Airports Terminals

Airports are an essential part of our travels and also our lives. They are a point of departure and arrival, transitional spaces, points of meeting or separation …

Every time we fly, we spend at least a few hours in the airport, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when the airport is comfortable and it’s an added bonus if it is architecturally interesting and beautiful as well.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful airports in the world…both functional and complex works of art and architecture, just looking at them can relieve all the stress of travelers passing through their doors.

1. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan
The construction of the airport took 38 months and involved the work of about a million employees. It is built on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, Japan with a runway that is 4km long. The materials used ensure that it is resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons.

2.Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport, China

3. Incheon International Airport, Incheon, South Korea

The largest airport in South Korea and one of the largest and busiest in the world. Since 2005, it has consecutively been rated as the best airport in the world by the Airports Council International and has received the full 5 stars in ranking from Skytrax. It has a golf course, spa, private dorms, a casino and indoor gardens.

4. Dubai World Central International Airport, Dubai, UAE

5. Menara International Airport, Marrakech, Morocco

6. Denver International Airport, Colorado, USA
The airport is quite curious on a symbolic level which has led to many theories which together make up “The Denver Airport Conspiracy”. Throughout the building there are several references to Nazism: the runways form a swastika-like shape, there is a picture in the mainhall representing a Nazi soldier attacking the dove of peace, and at the entrance of the airport there is a horse that fits the biblical description of the horse of the Apocalypse. Another interesting piece is the granite monument which is said to contain a “time capsule” that can only be opened in 2094.

7. Bilbao Airport, Bilbao, Spain

8. Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

9. TWA Terminal, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, USA

10. Terminal 4, Madrid-Barajas International Airport, Madrid, Spain

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