A Japanese Man Arrested For Stealing 730 Pieces Of Women’s Underwear

The police have arrested an incorrigible underwear thief for stealing 730 bras, panties and other items from different laundromats.

Tetsuo Urata, a 56-year-old, got busted the previous week after the authorities found a pile of female garments in his residence in the southern city of Beppu, reported AbemaTV, a local station.

Japanese underwear thief
Police released an image of the entire 730-piece bra and panty collection that was found in his apartment, showing how obsessed he was with female underwear.

The troubling case was first discovered by cops when a 21-year-old student at college saw Urata allegedly stealing six pairs from her underwear at a laundry on Aug 24.Officers discovered the rest of Urata’s stolen goods when they tracked him down at his apartment a week later. According to the report, Urata admitted to stealing the underwear. Abema TV was told by a spokesperson for the police that they had not confiscated this many panties in years.

A similar incident happened back in 2019 in Oita City. According to the Tokyo Reporter, police arrested 40-year-old Toru Adachi for stealing 1,100 pairs of underwear. It’s unclear about the time and the location of laundromats.According to police, the 730 items of underwear are in their possession as evidence.

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