A New Volcano Island Just Dropped Off Of The Coast Of Japan


A new crazy volcano island has been discovered near Iwo Jima, according to the Japanese Coast guard, on Monday. It’s supposedly around 1200 kilometers away from Tokyo and was formed after an underwater volcano began erupting over the weekend last week. 

Image: Japan Coast Guard

It has been reported the island has formed in a sort of “C” shape and has roughly around a kilometer of diameter. It had started erupting from Friday and was producing a big mushroom cloud of smoke and ash reportedly up to 16 kilometers into the sky.

The footage below shot from the helicopter shows massive fumes coming out of the volcano and a little island forming with the ash and rock segments from the explosion. This activity has left many scientists and researchers in awe as no one expected this to pop up like this.

On the topic of this island’s lifespan, these types of islands don’t really last for long as it’s in the middle of the ocean and aren’t made up of sturdy materials. Similar Islands were discovered in the area in 1904, 1914, and 1986 and all of them have already been submerged underwater. This island is also likely to have a similar future.However, the eruptions are not done yet, as The Meteorological Agency has issued a warning to the nearby waters for heavy ash deposits. Currently, the island has formed a Crescent shape with a sort of opened mouth above its vent.

According to the speculations, the only way this volcano will last for a while is that if the volcanic activities continue for long enough and enough lava pours out to harden into a non-submergible land. If it doesn’t happen then it will meet the same fate as the volcano that erupted in 1986 that sank after two months after it was found.

If somehow the island manages to stay up float, since it is closest to the South Iwo Jima on an island chain, it should lie on Japan’s territory as it was naturally formed but it has to be internationally accepted. Although no difference is likely to be felt since it could be very unstable and no economic activities are likely to occur through the island in the near future.

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