A Thai Model From Japan Shows Behind The Scenes Of Perfect Photos

Ever saw a photo on Instagram and wondered how you could take photos like those too? Well, you might be in for a surprise.

Instagram photos aren’t always a reality. Many models and influencers do something or pose in a particular way just to get a good photo. The rest of their life is as casual as anyone else’s. Vienna, a model living in Japan but originally from Thailand, shares how she takes such perfect pictures. She also shows what it’s actually like and what people make it look like on the internet. Her twitter is full of such contrary photos!

Vienna shows how you can take such Instagram photos at home. She also compares it to what it actually looks like and how it’s all made-up in photos.











11. Vienna Behind the Scenes Model

12. Thai Model Vienna

13. BTS of Model

14. Model laughing

15. Vienna Model Photo

16. Thai Model Funny Photo

17. Model From Japan

18. Vienna Funny Model

19. Funny Model Photos

20. Thai Model from japan

21. Vienna Thai model

All the images above are from Vienna’s Official Twitter account. Feel free to follow her @ViennaDoLL


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