“Absolutely size is funny here!” , When you take out contents from the bag !

The funny is the size here . Take a look TO THIS entire article… Rinta who opened the bag to use the face mask.

When I took out the contents, it is said that I was defeated. What kind of face mask was in there .
t’s so small! ! You can not cover the whole face and moisturize with this!

It is a sense of size that I am convinced very much by rinta’s “for dwarfs”.

Actually, this little face mask is an extra that came along when I bought an Orfez’s pack. However, I am wondering how to use it.

A surprised voice was sent to a mask of a very pretty design.
Voice of the Net .It was smaller than I imagined and laughed!I thought that it was folded small and entered … It was as it was . A funny laughter came out! At first I really thought whether this size is on sale. If you use this for part, it looks cute.

I hope! By the way, there seems to be a black sheet version containing bamboo charcoal.

I do not know if it is as a free sample or as a part … If you have a face mask with such pretty size you will want it !!!

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