Amazing Inspiring: Nomura lost her arm in a traffic accident and she Is Playing Violin Using Her Prosthetic Arm

Japanese Paralympian Playing Violin Using Her Prosthetic Arm is one of the most inspiring story over Nippon. She is also first reported nurse with  Prosthetic Arm in Japan.

A Paralympian nurse who is inspiring many people online with her breathtaking performance with a violin using her prosthetic right arm. Here you can see the video

In a Traffic Accident, Nomura lost her arm in November 2004. She was still studying as a nurse at the time, but she was forced to give up on her dream.

But things began to look up for Nomura after she received her prosthetic arm from a facility.

Then she decided to continue her career as a nurse and took up swimming in 2007 after being inspired by people who also have a disability but still manage to play sports, according to her Paralympic profile page. Nomura then joined the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing where she placed fourth in the 100 meters breaststroke.

Nomura, who is reportedly the first nurse to have a prosthetic arm in Japan, now tours the country and shares her violin performance to the world, The Kids Should See This reported. She did a rendition “Thread” by Miyuki Nakajima at the Takarazuka City General Welfare Center in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan on Sept. 2, and her performance was shared online by Facebook user Kazushige Masuda.

The original post looks like it has been taken down by the Facebook user.

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