Amazing: This Cat Tries Different Hairstyle With Colorful Wigs Made From Yarn

We are here with another beautiful Video article where a cat is trying to have different hair color as shown in video above. The Cat with fantastic expression and superb reaction with colorful hair made this cat viral.

The 9-year-old Scottish Fold from Japan that holds a Guinness World Record for the most watched animal on YouTube. Boasting over a whopping 325 million views as of September 2016, his adorable antics and furry round stature make the reasons for his explosive popularity clear as day.

But charming as he is, even Maru feels like changing up his look a little from time to time.

Instead of opting for a haircut, however, his human decided to let him “try on” a variety of wigs so that he could enjoy more than one style. Taking a piece of cardboard, Maru’s owner cut out a circle for the feline to poke his head through. They then placed a series of wigs made of yarn against the cardboard, letting the nonchalant kitty enjoy several new hairstyles without even going near a pair of scissors.

The result was a heart meltingly cute fashion show of sorts featuring Maru and some colorful wigs.This wasn’t the first time Maru’s had his share of fun with wigs, though, and a video published 6 years ago shows Maru with his head poking through more cardboard boxes with awesome hairstyles drawn directly on them.

If you haven’t seen Maru’s first attempt at trying on wigs, check out the video below.

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