Are you a Pokémon trainer? Explore the Japanese artist’s Quagsire fan to cool down. The best in the market!

Have you heard of Karaage (@karaageakinai)? He is one of the most talented Japanese model and figure artist who has a unique talent to turn characters into mind-blowing figures and displays. One of his famous creations is Pokémon! He just does not turn characters into figures and displays, but also turns them into interesting and witty functional devices like a Gengar tape recorder!

Pokémon fans are currently in awe with Karaage’s latest creation the ‘Pokémon Quagsire’ (known as Nuoh in Japanese). He turned Quagsire into a cooling fan using his clay modeling skills combined with some DIY tips. It looks as if it’s spraying its Max Geyser water attack!

This fan-created by Karaage is installed with LED lighting with streamers on it to create an awesome effect.

Do you want to see how he created this awesome Quagsire model fan stepwise? Watch this video.

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