Awesome: 82-Year-Old Female DJ Is A Nightclub Sensation In Tokyo’s Red Light District

There is really no any restriction to learn and do something. Age doesn’t matters in profession if you are capable and if you are good at your profession. Age shouldn’t matter when doing what you love, and for 82-year-old Sumiko Iwamuro — known as DJ Sumirock — it certainly doesn’t.

Known as Japan’s oldest DJ, Iwamuro has become a nightclub sensation as she hits the turntables to spin some killer beats in Shinjuku’s DecaBarZ once a month. Along with techno music, she also mixes genres like jazz, French chanson, and classical music, and crowds young and old enjoy her inimitable style like a breath of fresh air.
Born in 1926 to a father who was a jazz drummer, music undoubtedly runs in Iwamuro’s veins.

But that’s not the only thing her father passed on to her — though she moonlights as a DJ, Iwamuro runs a gyoza restaurant during the day with her brother. The restaurant has been in business for over 60 years, making the elderly DJ as skilled in the kitchen as she is behind the turntables.

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Iwamuro started her transition as DJ Sumirock in her 70s after the death of her husband. In 2013, she began attending a local music school for aspiring DJs (which have been gaining popularity in Japan), and after a year of training, she was introduced to the nightclub scene. The rest is history, and she now she makes her monthly appearance at the club to share her love of music and live up her dream of being a DJ to the fullest.

She is thumbly and awesomely rocking her hours!
Source:DJ SUMIROCK / DJ SUMIROCK FOREVER DANCE @ R Lounge 05.11.2013 / 世界最高齢DJ SUMIROCK 80歳 / 81歳のDJおばあちゃん、昼は厨房、夜はフロアを盛り上げて DJ, 81, rocks night clubs in Tokyo
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