Winter In Hokkaido: A Beautiful Hotel Constructed Completely of Ice.

Japan’s winter is one of the most beautiful times during the year, even though it can be bone-chillingly cold. For a true winter wonderland experience, head to Hokkaido. Businesses like Hoshino Resort Tomamu have built hotels made of enchanted ice where you may spend the night.


Hoshino Resort Tomamu’s stunning ice hotel at Shimukappu Village will be available from January 20 through February 28. It is a part of the region’s winter Ice Village. Shimukappu has cold winter lows of -30 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect location for a hotel made completely of ice. Only one of the eight unique ice domes in the Ice Village is available for overnight stays.

Hokkaido ice-hotels in winter


The chamber, which has enough space for two individuals, is built inside an icehouse with a dome-shaped ceiling, walls, and furnishings made entirely of ice. You will be kept warm till dawn with the help of comfy blankets and sleeping bags. These items will assist keep you warm during the night.


Even an outdoor ice bath is available at the Scan Portopia Yunosawa Onsen in Shimukappu Village. There you can relax and enjoy while taking in the magnificent winter sky.


Of course, a suitably themed ice dinner is necessary to complete your hotel experience. A three-course supper is included with the stay and is served in an enchanted outdoor dining area with ice tables and chairs.


The ice village will also include a full-fledged ice bar this year where you can order over 50 different types of beverages that will be delivered in icy ice glasses.


Additionally, the resort has partnered with the Seicomart convenience store chain to develop a unique ice konbini where you can buy frozen yoghourt, wine, chips, and other refreshments.


Are you feeling daring? If you want to cross the magnificent skating rink from the observation deck to the other side, you can sign up for ice zip-lining ((¥2,000 per person).

The Ice Hotel at Hoshino Resort Tomamu will debut from January 20 through February 28, 2023.Additionally, each person will have to pay ¥28,000 per night. 


Source: TimeOut

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