Best 5 Japanese Anime and Series To Watch On Netflix In November

November brings another new set of series to watch and enjoy on Netflix. Are you bored of seeing Squid Game everywhere? Why not try these outstanding Japanese Series and Movies while you’re past Halloween and are waiting for Christmas to hit Netflix!

461 Days of Bento

“461 Days Of Bento” is a Japanese Slice-of-life movie showcasing the relationship between a son and his divorced father with whom he chooses to live. Our protagonist Koki is, in many ways, a typical teenager. He’s back on his studies, lost, nervous, and has anxiety.

However, after they agree to the deal that Koki will not skip his school as long as he gets a homemade bento box every day, things start to look bright for the father and son. It’s pretty captivating to see the protagonist’s efforts to shift from a lost introvert to someone who tries to be outgoing and friendly.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Here we have another awesome cute romance anime! This is the anime adaptation of the manga by Karuho Shiina with the same name. Here we have another shy and introverted female protagonist. However, her school life isn’t just limited to that! Surprisingly her face matches Sadako, another horror character in the Japanese Movie Industry.

So everyone around her runs away after seeing her, making it very hard for her to make friends. In contrast, Kazehaya, the popular kid from her class (who she also has a crush on), isn’t afraid of her! If you want a casual feel-good show, then From Me To You is for YOU!

Silent Rain

The movie Silent Rain is the movie adaptation of “The Forest Of Wool And Steel” by Natsu Miyashita. This movie features another lonely male protagonist, Yukisuke, who’s a bio-archaeologist by profession. He only interacts with two people in his mundane life. One is a professor in his university, and another person is a young girl named Koyomi, who runs a stall that our protagonist visits daily.

The real twist comes to the story after they get close, but Koyomi gets into a fatal accident that gives her reoccurring amnesia. She can remember the past before the accident; however, she can’t hold new memories for long. Yukisuke then meets her mother and decides to live together with her. The movie follows the story of him trying to re-tell her everything from the beginning and then later falls into a profound realization that Koyomi might not even have feelings for him!

Even though the plot might look cliché, this drama won’t disappoint you! Check it out from November 5, and do leave your thoughts in the comments!


This anime series focuses on Chihaya Ayase and a unique card game called “Karuta.” Chihaya Ayase spent most of her childhood in the shadow of her older sister, with few interests or hobbies of her own. Chihaya’s new elementary school friend introduces her to Karuta, and she instantly gets hooked on it.

Chihaya falls in love with the game right away and devotes all of her attention to it. Chihaya established a karuta club at her high school with her friend Taichi, determined to one day become the world’s best karuta player.

The series excels at showing the intense relationship of Chihaya and her friends with Karuta and growing up with it from elementary school to high school.

Words Bubble up Like Soda Pop

A Netflix Original Banger! From the director of the crime-detective series Psycho-Pass, we have an awkward teen romance story. It has a unique cartoony animation style. The main male lead consist of Cherry, who finds it hard to open up to others, wears headphones everywhere. And Smile, is the female lead who is an influencer who’s insecure about her buck teeth and wears masks outside.

However, the majority of the story follows the search of a record disk of one of Cherry’s clients at the Elderly Care Centre at the mall. Mr. Fujiyama-San is quite old and sick and suffers from memory loss but is always looking for a record from the past. Cherry and Smile later knew the record actually was by Mr. Fujiyama-san’s late wife.

This search for records brings tons of exciting twists and emotions to brew out. You’ll definitely enjoy this movie!


Source: Timeout

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