Best 5 Christmas Illuminations In Tokyo That Will Remain Only Till Christmas

The Christmas season is, without doubt, the most glittering season, and everyone celebrates Christmas with beautiful lighting illuminating the city’s streets and parks. Although many of these lights stay around until the close of winter in Japan, only a few will remain till Christmas Day. Make sure you put on your warmest clothing and get there to them before they’re gone.

Here are the best five decorations that are only there for the limited time before Christmas and will no longer remain after Christmas ends.



Keyakizaka Illumination                     

Every year the Keyakizaka Illumination in Roppongi is an absolute spectacle, with 700,000 LED white and blue lighting along the 400m street lined with trees next to Roppongi Hills. For the most incredible photo opportunity, go to the mall’s overpass, which offers the perfect perspective of Tokyo Tower sandwiched between the rows of lights. The overpass also has a magnificent 4m tall Christmas tree on the overpass.

Marunouchi Bright Christmas: Harry Potter

Heads up, wizards and witches! Do not miss this stunning light show in Marunouchi. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original Harry Potter film, the illuminated display includes the four Christmas tree designs. One of them is the jaw-dropping Tree of Owls made out of fairy lights and glowing Owls. Many cafés and restaurants participate in the Potter celebrations by providing drinks and food-themed to the special occasion.

Midtown Christmas 2021

You can enjoy a romantic stroll beneath a boulevard of trees encased in sparkling lighting in Tokyo Midtown. The park also has a 3m tall snow globe that lights up every 12 minutes. Make sure you stop by the massive Christmas tree decorated in fancy crystals as the dazzling skating rink, lit up in yellow, pink, blue, green, and purple.

Kioi Winter Forest

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho’s festive lighting takes inspiration from the winter forest, which is why you see the fantastic white deer in front of the majestic 10m tall tree. The tree is surrounded by smaller trees and greenery, giving the space an eerie forest feel. The trees and plants utilized for the lighting are alive and have their roots still in place. The trees will be planted to their original positions after the event until Christmas.

Tokyo Michi Terrace

In its own right, Tokyo Station is a magnificent attraction. However, during the holiday season, the exterior of the iconic building will receive a fantastic makeover, complete with vibrant LEDs. In addition to the structure, the trees that line Marunouchi Central Plaza on Gyoko-Dori will also be lit up to reflect the colors of the sunset. The light show will be on between 3 pm and 9 pm, so arrive early to catch the show.


Source: TimeOut

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