bidet-style washlet water guns are here! This Is Japanese toilet fans rejoice

Japan can Now enjoy the power of a good water squirt anytime anywhere. If you’ve ever sat on a Japanese bidet-style washlet toilet, you’ll know just how fancy they can be.

There is a button panel on the side for users to control all their bottom-washing, bottom-drying needs, these toilets can be an entertaining experience, especially if you’re not entirely sure what each button means. This is bringing the change in squirting of watery toilets in japan.

Now, one of Japan’s premier gacha capsule toy makers, Kitan Club, has captured all the fun of those cute washlet buttons in a new line of gacha toys. Called the Toilet Shower Water Gun, there are six to collect in the range.

In normal situations, pressing these buttons on a toilet would result in a number of different sensations for the user, apart from the “Power Deodoriser”, which is used to deodorise the toilet bowl and not your bits.

However, pushing each button on this collection of gacha toys will result in one thing only – a squirt of water, which they say should be shot “anywhere but the bottom.”

While the manufacturers have crushed our hopes of this being a portable handheld washlet system, the new range is still a neat way to enjoy the wonders of the Japanese toilet outside the bathroom.

Available for 300 yen (US$2.69) each at gacha machines around Japan from 13 September, Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku has been selling them before the official release date on their seventh floor.
For those wanting the look of a washlet at home, Kitan Club suggests lining these up and affixing them to the wall beside your toilet.

And if they’re filled up with water as well, it’s guaranteed to give guests a surprise that will send them running out of your lavatory covered in liquid.

Source, images: Kitan Club Press Release, soranews24

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