BigHit’s New Half-American and Half-Japanese Trainee Looks Like Jungkook

K-pop idols often get noticed even before they make their debut when their trainee photos are made public, and fans make it viral.

JJ new trainee BigHit

With their shyness and early visuals, these trainees attract a lot of attention. This makes them stand out, especially if they’re from big labels and netizens get excited. As the trainees become more popular, their fans feel like they’ve grown up together with the trainee and feel more connected to them.

BigHit JJ


BigHit new trainee

One particular trainee from Big Hit music has been gaining more attention from the internet lately. His clip and photos went viral in various online communities. Many netizens quickly found out more about the trainee after finding videos in TikTok of the Big Hit trainee.


BigHit new trainee

A post on the online community said that the trainee went by the stage name JJ. He was born in 2006 and is half American and half Japanese. He hails from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Another peculiar thing about his is that he has similar looks to Jungkook, BTS’s youngest Maknae. What do you think? Does he look similar to him?

JJ and Jungkook BigHit's


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