Mutilated Bodies Of Cats Are Being Found On Playgrounds Across Saitama Prefecture

A cat’s body parts were found semi-buried in the soil, on a park bench, and hanging from the bars of the playground.

The mutilated carcasses have been discovered in a Japanese city which has led elementary schools and local authorities to increase security measures to shield youngsters from the threat of a serial cat murderer.

Saitama’s Police force got informed about mutilated cat’s body parts in the playground on Sunday. The body parts were spread all around the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago they had also found a feline jaw on the playground hung on the monkey bars with a piece of string.

In the fear that the killing of the cats might affect children in the area schoolchildren, the nearby elementary schools, as well as local authorities, have intensified patrols around the areas the area where the carcasses were discovered. They’ve also been taking children to their homes and requiring them to walk together in groups.

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard of a gruesome cat murder like this one in our prefecture,” Kazuhiko Noguchi, the manager of the relations with residents in the Minami police district Minami in Japan, explained to VICE World News. The increased number of patrols also helped to calm the residents as well, he said.

The horrific feline murders have shocked locals and animal rights activists from Saitama prefecture, where a man infamously brutally killed and tortured more than 12 and then uploaded videos online in the six years ago. He was caught and handed down a sentence.

Takuya Anzai, an official who coordinates patrol efforts for the Saitama educational board, said that some parents were particularly worried due to the infamous incident 1997 of child murders committed by a 14-year-old boy from Kobe prefecture.

The killer was a juvenile, and before he killed his victims between 10 and 11 as well, he killed cats. The board of education is asking students to inform their teachers in the event of any unusual behavior.

Police are currently looking into the cat murders as a violation of Japan’s law on animal protection. Harming or killing an animal can result in a maximum of a five-year prison sentence or fine as high as 5 million yen($36,600).

The year 2021 saw Japanese Police make 170 detentions concerning suspected animal abuse — the most since records began in 2010.

Yukiko Furuhashi, the leader of a cat-friendly organization in Japan’s central Aichi prefecture, has called for more thorough background checks for prospective pet owners. “Animals should not be treated as toys,” she stated to VICE World News.


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