Bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa Sets Records as Japan’s Oldest Competitive Bodybuilder

Father Time has never been vanquished, but one bodybuilder is out to alter that. Toshisuke Kanazawa, a Japanese bodybuilder, exceeded all expectations by competing in a bodybuilding competition at the age of 86.    

Toshisuke Kanazawa, 86, beat his record to become the senior bodybuilder to participate in a bodybuilding competition in Japan.   

Bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa

As he claimed the Japan Championships for the very first time at the age of 24 more than 50 years ago, Kanazawa initially became well-known. Three years later, he was named “Mister Japan.” He decided to retire from professional competition at the age of 34 and sat out the following 15 years. Before turning 50, he came back to bodybuilding to encourage his ill-prone wife.   

Kanazawa returned to working out three hours every day in the gym to prepare for contests to motivate his wife. He altered his diet, cutting out fish and meat in favor of meals that included rice, fermented soybeans, and miso soup with eggs. He stopped drinking and smoking as well.   

Bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa

At the age of 57, he won the master’s championships for bodybuilders 40 and older, proving that his efforts had the desired impact. When he finished sixth in the 65+ category in 2016 and broke the Japanese records for the oldest participant, he was awarded a special medal.   

By surpassing his record, Toshisuke Kanazawa becomes the oldest bodybuilder to participate in Japan.   

Bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa

On October 9, Kanazawa competed on the stages of the 68th Men’s Japan Bodybuilding Championships in Osaka. It is an impressive accomplishment that He was capable of competing against talent that was much younger than himself, even if he did not reach the top 12 list.  

I’m still far from the finish line, he said. You should continue to establish objectives and take on difficulties.   

Bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa

He was pleased with the result overall.  

He expressed his gratitude for even being able to take part. “I believe that by taking up a task even in my advanced age, I might touch the hearts of people.” 



Source: Fitnessvolt

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