BTS V’s ‘Mute Boston Bag’ Sells Out On Pre-Orders Before Release In Japan

HYBE merchandise will soon release “artist-designed collections’ of merchandise designed by every BTS member. In this collection, Kim Taehyung, known as V, has released a collection of his art and a leather purse with his preferred colors.

After being revealed, The merch of Taehyung has received a lot of attention. His idea has received only positive reviews from Korean media and critics.

The merchandise was recently available to pre-order in Japan, and they had again proved that they are TaeTaeland’s best as his bag sold out on pre-orders before it went on sale.

‘Making-of-Log from V’ and ‘Artist-made Collection Show by BTS – V’ from the site Weverse showed how passionate Taehyung was about this project and the brief design process.

Taehyung was attentive to the details of his items. Every aspect of the Mute Boston Bag and brooch set shows the amount of time spent on it, to start with the layout, color combination, and materials used.

Taehyung also admitted his involvement in the bag. He designed his bag with the thought of representing himself, and the brooches are a tribute to the Army.

A massive amount of interest in V’s products has led to it becoming an increasingly popular topic on different platforms over the last couple of days.

The merch from Taehyung is available for sale currently, and Korean and worldwide fans have already grabbed them. Do you want to get your hands on them too? Then head to this website!

BTS V bag sale



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