Burger King Japan Is Offering World’s First Ice Whopper For A Limited Time!

In recent times, Burger King has been expanding its offerings with exclusive “Super One Pound” Burgers which are a departure from the company’s iconic Whopper Burger to new levels. But, now, amid summer, when most people cannot bear the idea of eating four patties of beef, Burger King is trying to attract customers by offering a new never before variant of Whopper to ease the summer heat.

Also termed as V or The Ice Whopper, it comes with shavings of ice as a filling between the patty.

The Ice Whopper will only be sold for a limited time with its own set called the “Natsukoi Set.” This set includes the Ice Whopper along with a frozen Coke that they’re referring to as the “Ice Bottle.”

What makes Ice Whopper unique is the inclusion of a layer of shaved ice among the onion and pickles on top of the beef patties.

In other countries, adding ice that’s basically a form of water to the Burger might sound completely insane. They might even call it blasphemy. However, Burger believes that their product will have customers lining up.

Ice treats are extremely popular in Japan. Rightfully so, since the heat hits hard during the summer. Given the location of the pop-up store is right on a sandy beach and will be sold from a hut, Burger King will definitely attract the locals on the beach. The beaches will undoubtedly be packed since they’ve been closed for so long due to the restrictions, so they’ve targeted a prime location.

Japan's Burger King Ice Whopper
However, the Burger is sold in small amounts and only through reservations in advance on the internet for a price of 1,000 Yen(US$7.51) for a set. To try out the “Ice Whopper,” head to Umi no Ie Oasis on Morito Kaigan Beach on the 19th and 20th of August.


Source: Soranews24

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