Card stealing crow goes viral in Japan

A video showing a crow stealing a passenger’s prepaid transportation card at a Tokyo’s train station has gained nearly 3 million views on Twitter since the video was posted.

In the video posted by Twitter user @kinoshi42155049, the crow appeared to steal a woman’s card, which had been ejected from a ticket machine, presumably after having been recharged. The video got viral in Japan with a seepdy spreading to 30 percent of twitter user within a week.

Media reports on the crow showed that previous stolen cards were often placed on the roofs of taxis or bus stations nearby.But those may be the last sightings of the crow: media reports say it has since been captured by a local resident who lives nearby the station.

These Birds are really smart !! oh .. no no , they are more than smarter !!
In the video from Tokyo’s Kinshichō Station, originally posted to Twitter by user @kinoshi42155049, the corvid is filmed inspecting a ticket machine before hopping over to the customer at the next machine and stealing her credit card as her machine ejects it.

It doesn’t seem to know quite what to do after that point, though – it’s possible that it just wanted the card because of the shiny hologram sticker.
But there’s evidence that corvids can easily understand bartering. Not only are crows able to reason out cause and effect, ravens have shown they can plan for the future and barter for the items they might need to be able to obtain high-quality food later.

And inventor Josh Klein in the US created a sort of crow vending machine that dispenses peanuts when the birds insert a coin – the idea being to train wild crows to find lost coins in exchange for a snack. Guess what, it works.

Of course, in all of these scenarios the crows have been shown the basics, but there’s evidence that wild crows can work out problems all on their own – such as using the way traffic lights stop cars to drop nuts to be cracked open by the traffic when it starts flowing again.

They even craft their own tools out of sticks to obtain food their beaks can’t reach, and save their favourite tools to use again.

To be clear, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that the crow in this video knows what a credit card is for, or how ticket machines work… but, based on what we know of corvid intelligence, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was trying to figure it out.
source : nextshark, twitter, youtube

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