Japanese civil servant was punished for systematic care for lunch three minutes early. 64-year-old employee of the water utility organization in the city of Kobe 26 times over a seven-month period went ahead to buy the food in the restaurant near the office. Learning of this, employers are fined the man, he was also reprimanded. After that, the leadership of the organization, convened a press conference and publicly apologized for the employee, calling his behavior is extremely regrettable. writes the with reference on the

It is noted that on the illegal adventures of the men became known, when one of the heads noticed him looking out the window. As a result, the guide precisely calculated how much time he was absent from work, and deprived of his salary for half a day.

As explained by the colleague men, lunch break starts exactly at 13:00 and the employee was leaving early. Thus he broke the law on civil service, requiring officials to focus on their work. Guilty himself explained that he left the office a little early because he needed a change of scenery.

In social networks launched a campaign in defense of men. Users estimate that on average he left a little early only once a week. Others also noted that in this case, the law should apply to people who watch the workers go to smoke or go to the bathroom.

The Guardian writes that recently in Kobe, another civil servant dismissed for similar misconduct. It turned out that in six months he was absent from work 55 hours instead of contract.

In may, the lower house of Japan’s Parliament approved a bill under which overtime shall be prohibited person if they have already exceeded 100 hours per month. This is due to numerous cases karoshi — death processing. Usually causes them to become strokes and heart attacks right in the office, on the background of stress and severe fatigue, however, these episodes of suicide. Every year there are hundreds of such cases, unofficially in the thousands.

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