Professional Cosplayer Enako Models For One Piece Lingerie

One Piece Film: Red joins forces with Peach John to make lingerie sets for Nami, Robin, Uta, and Pajamas with Shanks for girls and guys.

When anime TV series is given an original story-driven side-story film, they must discover a way to add tension and stakes without departing from the main storyline of the regular episodes. Sometimes, the answer is to include a brand new guest character and link them to a hyped recurring character whose lives are temporarily connected, as is exactly what happens in the latest One Piece theatrical series, One Piece Film: Red, and the debut of the singer Uta.

Uta isn’t just attracting notice because she’s the film’s principal character. In addition, she’s the sole offspring of Shanks, one of the four pirate emperors currently in the One Piece lore, and a mentor to the protagonist of the series Luffy.

There’s also the fact that Uta is voiced by Kaori Nazuka, Ado, whose song “Usseewa” became a pop-culture famous in the year 2000. Uta’s fandom will keep increasing thanks to her lingerie line from the makers of intimate clothing producer Peach John, and the brand has hired the best professional cosplayer to showcase the lingerie.

This Uta Bra Set draws inspiration from the character’s symmetrical two-tone hairstyle and heavenly patterns. There are wings near the point where the shoulder straps cross each other and meet in the back.

Alongside Uta Bra Set, they’re also releasing the Uta Lingerie Set that substitutes the bra for a dress and simplifies the pantie style.

Angel wings are an integral part of the design, and this time they are taking over the spaces on either side of the slit that is breezy on the upper back.

Uta’s Father is also a substantial character in One Piece Film: Red, for instance, and he leads the red-haired pirates, and the film literally is One Piece: “RED”). Although Peach John is primarily a designer of lingerie, they also sell products for men, and that’s the case where their Shanks pajamas set is found, with a cut that’s loose enough to be comfortable yet stylish enough to make you look swashbuckling.

Peach John have decided to get a YouTuber and Comedian, Crystal Noda, to portray their line of ‘Shanks’ line of Pajamas.

Shanks Pajamas are available in women’s and men’s sizes. Peach John suggests matching the sets to couples. The designers say the buttons can be opened to create a more “wild” style. However, as Noda illustrates, full-on wildness is achievable simply by completely removing the shirt.

Another method for spicing up the visuals of an anime’s theatrical adaptation is to provide the cast members in the regular series with new costumes. A few among these Straw Hat Pirates’ new costumes are also getting their Peach John approach, beginning by introducing their Nami Lingerie Set that Enako shows off excellently.

Similar to as with Uta Lingerie Set, this comes with a nightgown and panty. It offers some coverage on the front than Nami’s dress does and has a relatively high neckline. However, the back is more open.

There’s also a lingerie Set for Robin; however, Peach John only uses the term to refer to a bra and panties.

In the end, if you want to check in with Uta once more, There’s a comfy room-wear hoodie inspired by her rainbow-colored jacket.

It’s likely to take a while before temperatures are cool enough for you to wear something like this. In time, these captivating patterns and colors basically turn it into an attractive decorative accent for your closet or rack of clothes.

Prices for the Nami and Uta lingerie sets are 6,028 Yen (45.17 USD), and the Bra sets for Uta and Robin go at the same price as the Shanks Pajama, i.e. 5,478 Yen(40.60 USD). Finally, the colorful Uta hoodie goes for 6,908 (51.77 USD). They will all go on sale on September 21st and are available for purchase via this Peach John online shop here.


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