Don’t Miss Tokyo on September 30th ; Co-starring with Hibiya Nozon realized! Nan Nenri town speaks, the best two stories

 A concert entitled “N with SUPERHEROES” will be held at Tokyo  on September 30 · Hibiya outdoor big music festival. Actress / Creative Hijitsuto, who started music activities in earnest last year and released the first album “Super Heroes” this May. 

Girls band led by himself, even in live of Cinngarretz, she is the first to enter with Hibiya Nozomi, “Super Heroes”, Nakaikuraichi BAND, adore lovingly. 

Two people who are already co-starring in recording, but in live it will be the first van. Before the live of this valuable combination, a dialogue with Nanbakisato is realized! From the encounter of the two, I got to talk about Kiyoshiro Imawano, thoughts of RC succession.

First of all, from the encounter of the two of you.

No: I was singing the cover of RC Succession “I LIKE YOU” and it was the first time that Mr. CHABO played the guitar in that recording.

Nakaiido: Since I was supposed to sing RC’s songs at the beginning, I thought it would be the person who listened to RC, but since Dan-chan is still young, was it because my parents were fans? I imagined it.

Nan: When I first met you, I was nervous. At that time both me and Mr. CHABO sat silently at the corner of the sofa of the recording studio.

Nakaiido: “I, Nino, you are CHABO?” (Laugh).

No: No no no (laugh).

Nakaiido: You did imitate Kiyoshiro in the studio. I was good. 
N: That was embarrassing! (Lol).

Nakaiido: Me, I have a pattern walrus (lol), because I am shy, I thought that the first impression was not to be careful. As I was an engineer and producer of recording this time, I have been working with Iio (Yoshifumi-kun) before, so I got him to help me and helped.

M: That’s right. I’m not good at communicating with people, I just started stepping into the world of music, so I am excited.

Nakaiido: Because I have so many fans of Tan chan around me, I thought that this would be enviously enviable when I was invited to recording (laugh).

Why did Dan cover “I LIKE YOU” from among a number of RC’s masterpieces?

Nan: In the first cassette tape of my sound source (“OHIROME PACK”), it is supposed to include two songs, one song “Time Machine please”, and another song is RC’s song by Kojiro Imawano who love it I thought it was good. I like the lyrics of “I LIKE YOU”.

Nakaiido: It’s pretty much a maniac selection in RC, is not it? When I was recording, I heard that Dan – chan and Kiyoshiro ‘s encounter had actually been Akko (Akiko Yano) and I thought, “I see.

N: That’s right. When I was researching Yano Akiko, I found “only one” that I sang with Mr. Kiyoshiro and I was absorbed in Kiyoshiro from there.

Nakaiido: Because “I LIKE YOU” is a late song of RC.

– It is included in 1990 RC’s last album “Baby a Go Go”.

Nakaiido: At the end of the band, there are various things and there are various things, RC was also so, but that album has various thoughts on one song, including “I LIKE YOU”, is not it?

M: 1990. I have not been born yet … I was born in 1993.

Nakaiido: Okay, but when you think so, the power of singing goes beyond time is amazing. There is not even Kiyoshiro and there is quite a deep emotion.

No: I’m really honored to sing.

Nakaiido: I thought it was interesting that Dan chan caught on a passage of this song or layered on herself with a stance completely different from what I had on “I LIKE YOU”, and I thought it was very interesting .

No: Thank you.

Nakaiido: Playing the guitar while thinking about what kind of thought Nanbets are singing. I was desperate to not mistake (laugh).

Mr. CHABO says, “I will tell Kiyoshiro at the scene that the guy who made the song is the most happy to have singing,” I was deeply moved.

Nakaiido: Kiyoshiro should have wanted him to come to this recording most. Surely “I’m CHABO instead of me?” I regret that, hey (laugh).

 In the analog board of “I Baby” of Mr. Akiko Yano who worked on songwriting, Mr. Nakaiido is again participating in the guitar.

Nan: It’s a song that I wrote down on the album, but since it’s a really nice song, thinking that I would like to hit it in an analogue suddenly, if I thought that CHABO would play the guitar separately from the original version … The adults’ followers followed up (laugh).

Nakaiido: This song was serious. Because, Akko’s songs are difficult. I’m growing up with Chuck Berry (lol) Chuck Berry is difficult and deep though. But this is a good masterpiece.

M: Yes! It seems that Mr. Yano also knew that I was trying to imitate Kiyoshiro, but Kiyoshiro came out in the lyrics and was surprised!

Nakaiido: That lyrics are full of thoughts of Kiyoshiro. I liked Akko and Kiyoshiro’s two shots like two elementary school friends. (Laugh). It expresses what Akko touched Kiyoshiro feeling and felt it was a very good song. Moreover, I was even surprised to hear that it was writing down.

Nan: When I listened to Mr. Yano’s demo tape, goose bumps stood. Can I give this song to me? I guess it would be better for Mr. Yano to sing. But I thought that it was a song entrusted to me and I sang.

Nakaiido: Where the songs by Ako’s voice and feeling are drawn by Akko is a mysterious charm. <It should be able to sing if it is Kiyoshiro> It comes and goes somewhere.

Nan: I was glad that Kiyoshiro’s voice called “Nice to meet you, baby” was also included!

Nakaiido: I want to ask Kiyoshiro. “Dan is singing about you,”.

N: I did it!

Nakaiido: I felt that I had definitely evolved when I again met “Recording I LIKE YOU” a while later. I wonder, Nanchan will continue to evolve more and more, in many ways.


Source, Interview · sentence Sano Tomoko 

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