Elderly Brings Bomb From WWII To Hokkaido Police Station In A Plastic Bag

In many areas of the globe, the echoes of the past wars remain long after the fighting has ended. 70 years since the conclusion of World War II, bombs still pop up from construction sites to the closet and even in cabinets. They’re as dangerous today as they were back then.

Image: Hokkaido Police Station (Wikipedia Commons)

So, on the afternoon of November 18 the day, when a 70 or older walked into the Asahikawa Central Police Station in Ashikawa City, Hokkaido, carrying a bombshell that was in the plastic bag of a shopping cart, it was only fair that they would evacuate the building and its surrounding zone.

Around 1,500 people moved to ensure their safety and security. The Ground Self-Defense Force came to look over and salvage the shell. Their investigation determined that the 28-centimeter-long and eight-centimeter-wide cover, likely once belonging to the Imperial Army, was not a hazard because it didn’t contain gunpowder.
It was a 75 millimeter round that was commonly employed in anti-tank and tank guns.

However, rather than being surprised by the bomb, internet users mainly commented about the use of the plastic bag. Especially since the government fines stores up to 5 dollars for using plastic bags.

According to authorities, the person discovered the shell while it was ripped up from a relative’s home more than 40 years ago and then kept the shell in his attic since then. Since he was advancing in age, he wanted to ensure that it was adequately dealt with before he died and decided to hand over the case to the police. At least, his mind was at the correct place, though making a phone call might be more sensible.

As he didn’t have any criminal motive, likely, the perpetrator isn’t punished too severely. However, it is a sign that awareness needs to be created about the issue of the non-exploded ordinance. In reality, the next day, ten additional shells were found on an area of construction about 200 km (124 miles) further away in Otaru City, Hokkaido, and had to be secured.

In all cases, because their detonators tend to deteriorate as they the passage of time, they are extremely unstable and explode at the slightest jolt, and even putting the item into the plastic bag. Be highly cautious about them.


Source: Soranews24

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