Epic Padding And Video Game Moves By Cosplayer Went Viral In Internet

It is not an easy task to process the cosplay, but the impossible dimensions and physiques of many popular anime and video game characters make pulling off the right look even more of a pain. Australian cosplayer A.K.

Wirru was definitely up for the challenge of tackling Mai Shiranui of King of Fighters fame, however, throwing in some extra construction work to build what might be one of the most creative takes on the popular video game character.

Taking on the thicc proportions of Shiranui meant he needed to turn to some plaster work. Which resulted in a bust worthy of most fighting video games and seamlessly fit his skin tone.

That’s not all Wirru impressed with, however. He provided a voiced clip mimicking her fighting moves, taunts, and stances to a T. This is made doubly impressive by how thick his padding is. Check out the video featured above.
Wirru also provides a breakdown of just how much extra bagged he is wearing, and simply taking it off is exhausting!

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