Everything You Need To Know About The New “Super Mario” Movie

Some details are out regarding the forthcoming Super Mario animated film, including the English cast list and the release date.

These facts are sourced from Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, where Mario’s first developer, Shigeru Mishimoto, discussed the upcoming project.

There has been no news of the official synopsis of the plot as of yet. What we do know is that the film is being made by Illumination, the studio responsible for animated movies such as Despicable MeMinions, and The Secret Life of Pets. Nintendo will provide a lot of insight this time around, unlike The 1995 Super Mario Bros. It had little to no involvement from the gaming side hence became a lousy adaptation.


 Miyamoto has even discussed his part in the making during the Livestream. He said: “This is a collaboration between Illumination as well as Nintendo. We’ve been coming up with a variety of ideas, and I am enjoying the process of creativity, which is slightly different from making games.”


The film will be a feature-length release and will debut in cinemas during the holiday of 2022. It will come out on the 21st of December in North America, but there’s no specific release date for any other regions.   

 Cast List


Miyamoto also revealed the Voice Actors for the English side of the movie. The complete cast list for the Super Mario animated movie is as follows:

Mario: Chris Pratt




Luigi: Charlie Day



Princess Peach: Anya Taylor-Joy


Bowser: Jack Black


Donkey Kong: Seth Rogen


Toad: Keegan-Michael Key


Cranky Kong: Fred Armisen


Kamek: Kevin Michael Richardson


Spike: Sebastian Maniscalco


If you don’t recognize the characters from the bottom, they are all supports in the different Mario and Donkey Kong games. Cranky Kong plays Donkey Kong’s unruly grandfather, Spikes, are generic enemies that first appeared within Super Mario Bros. 3. Kamek can be described as a sly mage and Bowser’s sidekick.                      

However, the choice of having Chris Pratt as Mario has received a mixed reaction in the internet. Many are questioning whether he’s the best actor for the job; however, it’s useless to deduce anything now. 

We’ll have to see for ourselves how he does rather than siding with the controversies he’s had previously and judging his skills as a voice actor.


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