Experience Both Autumn Leaves And Sakura Together In Obara District!

It’s nearly impossible to decide among cherry blossoms and the autumn foliage. The two most stunning tourist destinations have plenty to offer, but who said you couldn’t have at the same time?

Obara district sakura and autumn leaves festival

The Obara district of Toyota, Aichi prefecture, is home to the exclusive Obara Shikizakura, The Four-Season Cherry Blossom Festival, where pink sakura flowers in autumn, as the surrounding trees change to red to mark the change of season.

Obara District Sakura

You might be thinking about what makes it possible that the cherry blossoms aren’t part of the regular spring blooming season. The cherry trees belong to the rare species of Shikizakura. They bloom twice in the year – once in the spring and then in the fall.

Sakura Autumn Leaves

More than 10,000 rare and endemic sakura tree species are in the area. They usually bloom from mid-November to the end of November, which perfectly syncs with the fall leaves season. The festival this year will take place from November 13 through December 5 and is free entry!

The festival will take place around the whole Obara district. However, the only locations where you can enjoy the blossoms of pink and red leaves simultaneously are Obara Fureai Park and Semi Shikizakura-no Sato. You should definitely consider walking to several of the most beautiful locations. For more information on the event, here is the website for the festival.

Sakura and Autumn leaves


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