Eye-popping artwork gives models extra mouths, faces, eyes (and zips)… with unsettling results

Bored with digitally enhanced pictures, a teenage art student decided to see how far she could push her limits without technology – with impressive results.Using only acrylic paints, these incredibly realistic images are enough to make anyone look twice.Creative Chooo-San, aged 19, a first year student at Musashino Art Universityin Tokyo, Japan, paints misplaced mouths, extra eyes and eerie robotic extras to the human body. lets see

Using no digital-editing, the bizarre body-modifications are painstakingly applied using just paint to skin of her willing friends, who no doubt give passers-by a fright. Chooo-San discovered her talent after doodling eyes on the back of her own hand during breaks from studying for university admission exams.But it soon evolved to painting on other people and creating creepy effects such as adding multiple facial and robotic-style features.She has also painted zips on wrists, a digital display on a hand and a battery compartment on an arm.

Chooo-San explains: ‘I don’t really have a reason why I started doing those pictures.‘But I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop‘My works are all done with acrylic paints. ‘They are all painted on skin directly and I don’t use computers or anything to change the picture afterwards.’As well as teaching fine art and industrial design, Musashino Art University now also teaches architecture and fashion.


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