Forever Alone No More: Japanese Man Invents Talking Girlfriend Pillow

Forever Alone No More: Japanese Man Invents Talking Girlfriend Pillow

Japan strikes again! This time, they’ve come up with another ‘companion’ for your cold summer nights!

Forever alone and otakus, rejoice!

A Japanese inventor named Koichi Uchimura has finally found the answer to your cold summer nights’ misery: The Ita-Supo, the world’s first-ever talking anime huggy pillow!

The Ita-Supo looks like a normal fluffy pillow but hug it too tight or squeeze its “softer parts” by “accident” and it’ll respond to your perverted touch with groans, moans, and sexy admonition. Oh, yeah; fetish fulfilled!

So how did Uchimura-san come up with his talking unan? Aside from his fascination with the Kempee hairstyle, our inventor is also a big fan of anime pillows–or damikura, as they’re called in Japan. Though he hugs one every night, he felt that something was still missing. “When we’d sleep in the same bed, I’d start to think, ‘I wish she could talk,’ so I wanted to make that a reality,” Uchimura says in an interview with

Unlike the early–and mostly creepy–talking dolls (Chuckie, anyone?), the Ita-Supo isn’t just a pillow with button-activated speakers. You need to touch it with care and caress it with lust love. Simply put, if you want to hear its voice, then you got to rub with love, brother:

But get too excited and it’ll scream the Japanese equivalent of: “Hey!” “Not there!” and “Ang manyak mo!”


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