Former Japanese Princess Mako And Her Husband Settling Into NYC Quite Well

It’s been a little over one month since the former Japanese princess Mako and her husband Kei Komuro completed their shift to the magnificent NYC, and it appears they are settling into their new home. The couple was seen together taking a stroll with their facemasks around the neighborhood.

Mako is the oldest child of Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino and the Crown Princess Kiko and Emperor Naruhito’s niece. But after her victorious marriage with her commoner boyfriend, she can also be considered a queen of her own. While she was born with the title Princess, in the royal family of having sister princess Kako and brother Prince Hisahito Mako as her siblings, she gave up her royal title to have her wedding on the 26th of October with Komuro. Japanese law requires female royals to give up their title to marry a “commoner.” Komuro is believed to be working for an attorney company in New York while waiting to retake his bar examination in the coming year.

NYC princess mako

They first met while studying at Tokyo’s International Christian University for the first time and declared their engagement in 2017. However, the wedding was delayed partly due to public anger over the marriage for a long time.

NYC apartment

Komuro’s connections to his family led to an idea that he could be pursuing the princess’s cash, even though she later decided to forgo the dowry of $1.4 million, entitled to upon being leaving the royal family, thus making Mako the first imperial female after World War II to opt-out of paying dowry payments when marrying an ordinary person. The scrutiny eventually was so intense that Mako was diagnosed with acute PTSD right before her wedding and. Her father ultimately made the decision to forego marriage rites.¬†


Source: TownandCountryMag

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