Ghost Of Tsushima Showed That Japanese History Can Be A Game Genre

The president of Acquire, Takuma Endo, the developer behind games like Tenchu and Kamiwaza, states that the samurai-based game Ghost of Tsushima from Sony significantly impacted developers in Japan.

Sony is home to a wide variety of exclusive games. Nearly all of them have been successful. The studio is known for its first-party titles, and many studios have been involved in creating those IPs. SuckerPunch’s Ghost Of Tsushima has only added to Sony’s list of hits.

In 2020, the PlayStation 4 released the samurai-based action-adventure game. It was both critically and commercially a huge success, and players loved it all. It proved pretty profitable to Sony and Suckerpunch cause it sold a whopping 8 million copies.

The best thing about this game’s success is its Japanese-based design. It is a great thing to see a AAA title that is based on Asian culture. The environment and the dialogues, along with the story, are all exceptionally designed.

Takuma Endo believes the Ghost of Tsushima had an essential impact on the development of Japanese culture. The developer spoke about the game’s influence in a new interview with Metro. He said studios have become more open to creating games based on Japanese culture since Ghost of Tsushima was released.

He stated that studios weren’t keen to deal with Japanese history before Ghost of Tsushima was released. It was challenging to convince them to believe in the project. The game’s success has made this easier.

Takuma Endo said that Ghost of Tsushima demonstrated that there is a market for games that are based on Japanese culture. The Sucker Punch role-playing video game is a prime example of this. He claimed that it proved most studios wrong. “Then Ghost Of Tsushima comes along, and it kind of proves the contrary, that there’s a market and people are interested.”

Ghost of tsushima Japanese history

The ghost of Tsushima was a significant influence on the way people perceive these types of games. It not only convinced the suits but also motivated developers.

It inspired game developers and even studios to try something new. It showed them that other things like this were still possible. He also said that it gave them the courage and inspiration to consider re-examining this topic and making games in this broad genre.


Source: Exputer 

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