Giant Buddhist goddess in Japan gets face mask to pray for end of Coronavirus


New reports claimed that workers covered a giant statue of a Buddhist goddess in Japan on Tuesday (June 15) to put a face mask on her face, which stands to be a prayer to end the country’s coronavirus pandemic.

However, it revealed that it took about four workers three good hours before carrying the massive mask on ropes up the 57m white statue of the Buddhist goddess Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy at the Houkokuji Aizu Betsuin temple in Fukushima Prefecture.

After that, they spread the mask made with pink net fabric, measuring 4.1m by 5.3m and weighing 35kg, over the lower half of the statue’s face.
The Buddhist statues were built 33 years ago and hollow with a spiral staircase that can climb to the height of the goddess’s shoulder.

Individuals visit the statue frequently, holding a baby to pray for the safe delivery of babies and asking for blessings for their newborns.

Takaomi Horigane, the Temple manager, said workers came up with the idea of a face mask on the Buddhist face in discussions on the restoration of the statue after it was damaged in an earthquake in February.

Horigane further explained that they plan to keep the mask on the statue until the Coronavirus situation is under control in Japan.

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