Going For A Run? Why Not Wear A Tomato-Dispensing Robot On Your Head?

If you’re going for a daily run there’s always a few essentials you need to have, a good pair of supportive shoes, a bottle of water to keep hydrated and some music to help keep you motivated along the way.

Now there’s a fourth item you might want to consider bringing along for the ride – The Wearable Tomato Dispenser.

Yep, it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

Shigenori Suzuki, an employee at the Japanese company Kagome Co (they manufacture tomato-based products) is the creator of the unique device which fits on your back like a rucksack and weights roughly 8kgs.

But why would you need a tomato dispensing robot to accompany you on your run? Suzuki explains:

Whilst your jugging uphills or sprinting along the street, simply press a button and it will dispense 1 of 7 juicy medium sized tomatoes into your mouth to help replenish your body.

Those additional nutrients and antioxidants will help keep you in peak physical condition and make running up those steps (along with carrying an 8kg robot on your back) just that little bit easier.


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