Halloween In Tokyo Descends Into Chaos, Clean-Ups And Arrests

It’s not Halloween yet, but the weekend before drew big crowds in Tokyo’s Shibuya. Costume-wearing revelers descended on the neighborhood, and the tricks made a much bigger impact than the treats.

Japan’s national news media has been covering the event, during which the vast majority of people didn’t cause trouble. checkout these posts

Police in Shibuya are stepping up their presence for Halloween for the next three nights after a wild weekend. On Sunday, police said five people had been arrested on charges of groping, camera voyeurism, fighting and destruction of property during Saturday night revelry.

Also, at around 1 a.m. Sunday, a small truck was overturned and two men jumped up on it. The occupants got out uninjured.

Many stores and restaurants complained that people were just hanging around in front of their entrances, making it difficult for customers to enter and leave.

There was less trouble on Sunday night, police said, with fewer numbers of revelers, probably due to Monday being a work day. Most of the action Sunday night night took place away from the scramble crossing.

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