Heard of unbreakable Japanese cocktail glasses? They are great for adults and fun for kids’ juice and soft drinks.

On every special occasion of our life, we wish to toast with an elegant glass that is new and unique. Not the usual glass that you use daily. If you can invest in cocktail glasses for a toast, it is just going to make your house party more exciting.

Though cocktail glasses are very attractive, we get worried to wash them as they can break easily.

To solve this problem, we bring to you some “unbreakable cocktail glasses”. Yes, you read it right, unbreakable!

Let us understand what do we mean by an “Unbreakable Cocktail Glass”?

The material used to create them make them unbreakable. These cocktail glasses are made of a material called Tritan™. This material has a high degree of transparency and thus resistant to impact and breakage. Something important to note is that these unbreakable cocktail glasses look just like real glasses! Isn’t that wonderful?

Everyone cannot make these special cocktail glasses, it requires highly skilled labor. These highly skilled craftsmen are found in Tsubame-Sanjo, a place in Japan that is famous for craftsmanship and manufacturing.

To achieve transparency close to that of glass, the craftsmen of Tsubame-Sanjo carefully polish the Tritan™

Another interesting fact is that these glasses do not break no matter what temperature drink you pour into them. Well, they are dishwasher safe too!

Grape’s editorial staff tried these glasses and this is what they shared about them:

  • “They were lightweight and looked exactly like glass.”
  • “The craftsmanship of the glass is neat and the mouth of the glass is thin and comfortable too”.
  • “They are good for use when indoors and as well outdoors.”

You have to take this unbreakable glass in your hand to understand its superior quality. The material Tritan™ is used in medical equipment and baby products too, thus making it safe for use by children too. They are light and easy for children to handle independently.

Just like adults, children can also make a toast with non-alcoholic mocktails, juices, and soft drinks. Moreover, although they are light in weight they are quite sturdy.

The unbreakable cocktail glasses come in varied colors too!

We can get these glasses in red, pink, light blue, lime green, and yellow color.

They can be used not only to serve drinks but also for serving ice cream, shrimp, or salad. As we said, they can be used outdoors too. Don’t forget to carry them along with you go when you go for a picnic or camping.

In addition to unbreakable glasses, unbreakable rock glasses and beer mugs are also available.

In case you are having a party with children too, then use the use cocktail glasses to serve carbonated drinks and old-fashioned glasses to serve other drinks.

This is the unbreakable beer mug!

The beer mug has a thick handle helping the kids to have a good grip of the mug!`1

Have every part with your family and friends with these wonderful unbreakable glasses and mugs always!


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