“Help!” Rescuing the surprising animals desperately swimming at the lake who was fishing

A man named Dustin who was fishing at the lake. I will find something moving on the surface of the lake.

Obviously, he sees his eyes when he sees the creature moving differently from the fish.

“Hey, do you need help?”

That said, I tried to approach the boat ….

Dustin discovered something, what a squirrel! For some reason I was swimming in the lake.

But as I saw squirrel was desperate. I do not seem to like swimming fun. So Dustin gives an all to squirrel. “Do not chew, do not chew” Thus he rescued the squirrel safely! “It’s okay now, I will take you to the shore,”

According to the explanation of the movie, Mr. Dustin initially intended to keep squirrel out of the way.

But when I got closer I heard that the squirrel tried to ride the boat, so I decided to help him. As far as watching the video, apparently the squirrel seems to need help. Dustin is the first time I saw a squirrel swimming in the lake I do not know why the squirrel was swimming. Because it’s nice weather, has it made me want to bathe?

Thanks to gentle dustin going by boat by chance, it was nice that the squirrel who was tired of swimming was saved.

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