High Altitude Mount Fuji Fireworks Festival 2021 Announced!

Although fireworks are often associated with Japan’s summer festivals, there isn’t any rule prohibiting you from enjoying them any time of the year. In fact, when the skies are clearer during the winter, the bright displays stand out against the darkness and shine brighter.

The lower slopes on Mount Fuji will host the “Japan’s highest altitude fireworks show”, where approximately 5,000 fireworks are launched from the second station along the Fujinomiya Trail.

Amusement Park Grinpa hosts the event. It is at the second station along the Fujinomiya trail. Since most hikers begin their Fuji climb at the fifth station, this is a great chance to see the lower end of Fujinomiya.

Two plans have been developed to address recommendations regarding minimizing contact between people. The first is 4,500 seats in the park that you can reserve in advance. The second is drive-in fireworks tickets, which allow people to view the fireworks from their cars.

By taking advantage of the terrain at the park, the seats that are angled up the mountain’s slopes can make the fireworks seem more extensive and more powerful.

Many fireworks events and displays have been cancelled in the last year and a quarter due to the effects of the pandemic. If the current situation continues, these cancellations may force fireworks companies to close.

Mount Fuji Fireworks should somewhat help to address this threat. It is a way for fireworks masters to be supported and link traditional Japanese fireworks culture with the future. The display will also be held in winter to help break down the notion of keeping firework events only for the summer and offer a new way to enjoy them all year.

Ikebun, a Shizuoka-based company that produces and composes the fireworks display, is responsible for its production. They have won many awards for their shows, including the Prime Minister’s Award at 89th National Fireworks Competition.

Mount Fuji has been co-started at an unprecedented scale. The Mount Fuji Fireworks display will showcase a vibrant and impressive mix of traditional Japanese culture with Japanese nature.

This event will be held in relay format each year with cooperation from all municipalities around Mount Fuji. The display will take place in Shizuoka Prefecture’s Susono City this year. It is not yet known where the following year’s show will occur, but it is expected to be in one of Yamanashi Prefecture’s cities, towns, and villages.

The date for the Mount Fuji Fireworks 2021 is the 18th of December and will start at half-past four and end at six in the evening. The Amusement park and the drive-in area will open up to the audience from 1:30 p.m. The exact location of the event is Amusement Park Grinpa, Susano City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

If you want to know more about the venue and the pricing of the tickets, do check out their official website.

Source: JapanToday

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